Aim Small, Miss Small

We have all been taught to set big goals. Yes, big goals are needed. You cannot dream small and be satisfied with your life. You are capable of better things.


But when you are just getting started, setting a goal that is too big can be overwhelming and it can prevent you from getting started. A car that wants to go at 100 kmph cannot start at 100 kmph. It has to start at zero and then accelerate slowly.

Let’s say if your goal is to make a $100,000 a month. You first have to start making a $100 a month. Then you have to start making $300, $500, $1000, $10,000 a month before you can get to $100,000 a month.

That’s why in the beginning you have to aim small. But make sure that once you reach for what you have aimed, you will be still on the path to make it to your big dreams.

You can do manual physical labor and earn $100 a month. But that’s not scalable. So start with something that is scalable to the point where it meets your goals. Divide your end goals into chunks and go from one milestone to the other.

I made $4.96 today for an article published more than 3 years back!

I published a review of APC Back-UPS Pro more than 3 years back on my tech blog. I had linked to using my affiliate link and forgot about it.

Someone stumbled upon that page recently, clicked on the Amazon affiliate link and made the purchase. I earned a $4.96 commission from that.


The commission is 4% of the sale price – $123.95. It’s not big money, but small surprises don’t hurt :) I did not publish that article to make money!

The power of online content is evident from such events. Every article that you put out on the world wide web is an asset and will give you returns for a long time.

Content remains to be king when it comes to digital marketing and will remain so forever. Blogging is here to stay. It will not die in spite of social media, online video and other content channels.

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