How to Kill “Work” for Ever and be Eternally Happy


Dream jobs don’t exist. Period.

You can get jobs which make you money, challenge you, grow you, help you reach your highest potential – but work is still unwanted, tiring and a necessary thing we have to do anyway.

You can do a “great job” in your work but the concept of work and job in itself is not that great. If it was, then you will not look forward to the weekend. You would look forward to Mondays!

There is no point in hiding this truth and lying to ourselves that we love what we do for a living.

We as cavemen used to hunt in the forest for food, or go to the rivers with spears to catch fish – and there was/is nothing to get excited about that “job”.

We are not so different today.

We work so that we can survive. Nothing else. Its just that with evolution and technology we have created a 1000 different jobs through division of labour.

So accept it. You don’t want to be an employee. And You don’t want to be a boss either. What you really want is… TO BE THE OWNER. Have enough passive income so that your monthly expenses are taken care of – and some more for fun.

But to OWN things and get passive income you need capital. Capital comes from savings – years of it. [Continue reading]

CitiBank India Rewards Credit Card – Get Your Rewards Point as Cash Back! Save 1% on Everything.

citibank rewardsI have been experimenting with various credit cards in India. Alsmost every card in the beginner to intermediate level gives reward points when you use the card and these reward points can be then redeemed for gifts. HDFC Bank Card, ICICI Card and most of the other cards have a catalog of products from which you can choose to get vouchers from and then use those vouchers to get discounts while shopping.

When I did the math, it looks like you will get around 1% of the value of the purchase back in terms of points. The numbers may vary but it is always close to 1%. For example, for every Rs.150 spent, you may get 5 reward points. Looking at the price of the offers in the catalog, I evaluated that the value per reward point is approximately 33 Paise. So for Rs.150 you are getting back Rs.1.50 worth of points. That’s 1%.

But the catch here is that the products that you shop for usually are in MRP without any discounts and if you go and look up the same product in Flipkart or Amazon, it will be much cheaper.


I recently discovered that Citibank Rewards Card is perhaps the only CC in India which allows you to redeem the reward points as cash back. And this is at a very good rate of Rs.0.35 per point. I just redeemed my reward points and got a credit in my card account! Now this is real money with which I can buy anything and I am not restricted to their catalog of products :)

Do you know of any other credit card in India that allows cash back for points?

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How to Cherry Pick the Best Performing Keywords in Adwords?

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