Want to Become a Millionaire? Do this Simple Math First.

millionaireIf you live long enough, if you keep earning some money consistently, you will eventually end up becoming a millionaire. The word millionaire may not mean having a million US dollars but it stands for being financially independent and not having to worry about money for the rest of your life. 

Whatever your financial goal may be, reaching that goal doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hold all that money in CASH. Because unless you are in a deflationary economy, inflation will eat away your savings. When you have converted your earnings into different forms, how do you calculate your net worth?

Your Levels of money:

  • Level 0 – Cash Balance: Liquid Cash in hand and in savings/current account. The money that you can use to buy something today.
  • Level 1 – Cash in Fixed Deposits, Loans to Friends & Family – things that can be liquidated quite soon if you need the money.
  • Level 2 – Cash locked up in precious metals, jewelry, fixed-term bonds, pending payments on a later date (accounts receivables) – things that can’t be liquidated immediately but is quite easy and quick to convert into cash if you sell at a below market rate.
  • Level 3 – Money locked up in the value of own house, real estate, work of art, equities etc. that take a long time to liquidate & mostly will never be liquidated.

Total Net Worth = (L0+L1+L2+L3) – Liabilities

if {total net worth > $1,000,000}, millionaire = YES!
else {keep thinking, working & making things happen}

You can notice that lower the liquidity of an asset, higher the appreciation over time. It makes sense to have least of L0 & L1 and most of L2 & L3. Ratios can differ from person to person depending on needs. I seem to have nearly 85% in L3+L2, 15% in L1+L0.

Your assets will appreciate or depreciate in value with time. You can update the numbers once in 3-6 months and watch how your net worth grows or shrinks. This exercise will help you to invest more in good assets and less in bad assets. Your brand new imported car is a bad asset which depreciates in value. Your home and real estate appreciates in value.

Data Reveals Why Housing Prices in India Will Start Declining after 2017

House-Prices-FallWe have seen only real estate prices go up in our generation. We have never seen it decline in India. That’s because the demand is high, not because everyone believes that “Real estate prices should always go up”. Fortunately, we now know that real estate prices can also go down.

In Spain, housing prices have gone down as much as 65%. In US, as everyone knows, housing prices crashed in 2007 and then it has recovered artificially because of some government policies like QE. Experts say that US housing pricing doesn’t have any other place to go except down, down, down.

Many people don’t want to believe that real estate prices can go down due to lack in demand. The housing price crash in US is largely attributed  by the media to unethical banking practices. Though the policies, rules and regulations have played a part in blowing up the housing bubble to even larger extent, the bubble would have never formed in the first place if there was no demand.

So where did the demand come from in USA? Who blew up the pricing?

Harry Dent’s research points to the fact that people buy big houses when the male/boss of the household is at 41-43 years of age. That’s because they will have teenage children and hence the need for a bigger home.

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