You Don’t Need a New Original Idea to Win in Business

ideaHave you ever thought that having original ideas can help you succeed in business? If you do so, you cannot be further from the truth. I have been in a position where I thought having original ideas was the key to business success.

I am not saying that original ideas a unnecessary – but honestly it has been overrated and glorified by the media. Usually media covers the hot business stories only – like the young kid who had a start up company and sold it to a big conglomerate for millions of dollars.

Media covers such stories because they are extra ordinary (meaning, they are out of the ordinary and hence interesting). Which means that such success is not ordinary. But when we hear stories after stories like that, we cannot stop thinking that new – original – revolutionary ideas are the key to success in business.

We don’t read about the guy who is having a janitorial services company and became a multimillionaire. Or the guy who owns a auto spare parts manufacturing company. Those businesses are predictable and there is nothing to talk about it. The media doesn’t cover such stories because they are ordinary. They are not extra-ordinary.

Now if you just want to become a millionaire, you can simply follow a PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL, focus on it and scale it up. But you are so caught up trying to invent something out of thin air, impress the world and make the headlines.

If you are doing that, you will be just playing the lottery… because you are not looking at the thousands of “new ideas” which failed and startups imploded and the founders went broke just because they “believed” their idea would work. Imagine, believing you will win the lotto and betting on a particular outcome! No matter, how hard you believe that you will win, the house always wins!

Instead of thinking hard and working hard, it is much the better the learn from the past by reading hard and then working hard. When you read hard, you will come to know that there are plenty of business opportunities untapped around you. You just need to CHOOSE one business model and execute it. It’s like choosing an item from a catalogue. As simple as that.


  1. An enlightening post! The perspective that successfully implementing a brand new business idea is like winning a lottery is a profound one.

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