Aim Small, Miss Small

We have all been taught to set big goals. Yes, big goals are needed. You cannot dream small and be satisfied with your life. You are capable of better things.


But when you are just getting started, setting a goal that is too big can be overwhelming and it can prevent you from getting started. A car that wants to go at 100 kmph cannot start at 100 kmph. It has to start at zero and then accelerate slowly.

Let’s say if your goal is to make a $100,000 a month. You first have to start making a $100 a month. Then you have to start making $300, $500, $1000, $10,000 a month before you can get to $100,000 a month.

That’s why in the beginning you have to aim small. But make sure that once you reach for what you have aimed, you will be still on the path to make it to your big dreams.

You can do manual physical labor and earn $100 a month. But that’s not scalable. So start with something that is scalable to the point where it meets your goals. Divide your end goals into chunks and go from one milestone to the other.

How to Kill “Work” for Ever and be Eternally Happy


Dream jobs don’t exist. Period.

You can get jobs which make you money, challenge you, grow you, help you reach your highest potential – but work is still unwanted, tiring and a necessary thing we have to do anyway.

You can do a “great job” in your work but the concept of work and job in itself is not that great. If it was, then you will not look forward to the weekend. You would look forward to Mondays!

There is no point in hiding this truth and lying to ourselves that we love what we do for a living.

We as cavemen used to hunt in the forest for food, or go to the rivers with spears to catch fish – and there was/is nothing to get excited about that “job”.

We are not so different today.

We work so that we can survive. Nothing else. Its just that with evolution and technology we have created a 1000 different jobs through division of labour.

So accept it. You don’t want to be an employee. And You don’t want to be a boss either. What you really want is… TO BE THE OWNER. Have enough passive income so that your monthly expenses are taken care of – and some more for fun.

But to OWN things and get passive income you need capital. Capital comes from savings – years of it. [Read more…]

The Business of Selling Display Ads

Blogging as an income or business model became famous basically because of the Google AdSense program which made selling of ads easier. Media companies have sales people who go and sell their ad inventory to companies but individual bloggers don’t have the volume or the time to sell ad inventory directly. But ad networks like AdSense make it damn easy to just put up the codes and make monthly income from their websites.

The income from such a business model is highly volatile and you have no control over the traffic that comes to the website. Most of the traffic usually comes via search engines and everyone knows that they change their algorithms every now and then and then the amount of traffic that comes to the website suddenly changes. The amount of control you have over the income is very low and hence this business model is not as strong. Even if you have very high traffic and the man power to sell direct ads, display ads in general are not very effective and hence it is not a great “product” to sell. If advertisers do not get a direct ROI on their ads they will not keep their ads running.

Many company go for display ads only for branding purposes and they are not consistent. Hence I would say the business of selling display ads is one of the weakest business models online. Big websites are now exploring other opportunities to generate revenue like conducting live events, selling membership tickets etc.

Doing What You Love – Isn’t it a little Over-rated?

Do what you love and the money will come. This is the phrase that has been repeated several times and for certain reasons I feel that it is over-rated. It is said that 70% of Americans hate their job. I believe it should be similar in other developed and developing countries as well. To understand this, we need to understand basic economics.

Imagine a tribe in an island. If the people there have to survive, each one has to do a task. Some can catch food, some can cultivate crops, some can build huts and so on. I don’t see any really exciting job opportunities here. On some level every human has to endure hard labor and it is essential for the survival of the tribe.

Now, since we live in a global village of 6 billion+ people, it doesn’t mean the laws of economics has changed. Every human has to labor on something and contribute to the society to get other things he needs. This is division of labor.

If I do something that contributes something of value to the world, If I believe it makes the world a better place – I am more than happy to do that work even if the process of the work doesn’t make me love it or simply be happy about it. Even if it means stretching myself a little bit – I would do it as long as I have a fair give and take condition available.

Do you still think that you have to love your job? Isn’t it a utopian state to fall in love with the work you do? May be the best you can do is fall in love with what you believe in and what you stand for.

What is The Most Secure Way to Earn a Living?

Today’s job market is a wake up call to everybody who is working as an employee in any company. If you have experienced the corporate world, you will know that no job is secure in the world. Even if you have never been fired from any job before, you would have seen hardworking, well-intentioned people being asked to leave abruptly.


So that brings us to the question – what is the most secure way to earn a living?

To make money – you need to sell something. Sell. Something.

Most of the people think that they have nothing to do with sales because they are employees and not businessmen. But, every employee sells. They sell their skills, time, productivity, ideas and themselves. Personal branding is very important as a human being – it helps one to earn a living. Being employed or being a businessman is not so different when you look at it from the perspective of contributing something to the world.

[Read more…]

3 Proven Rules to Keep the Attention of Your Audience During a Lecture

lectureMost of us have had the experience of dozing of during a college lecture or a business presentation. In spite of knowing that such long lectures will put people to sleep, we give the same kind of lectures. But we expect our audience to listen eagerly. Even if your presentation is interesting, important and something that the audience expects – you will not be able to keep their attention unless you understand how the human brain works.

In this article you will learn how the human brain works, how to bring your audience back to attention and how memories are formed in the brain.

Rule #1: The brain remembers in hierarchy

Categorization and hierarchy is a fundamental part of memory formation. Human brain is not like a memory chip which can store continuous stream of data. In your presentation, you need to tell what you are going to tell, tell it and then tell what you have told.

Unless you break up the entire topic into sub-topics, the audience’s brains will try to figure out a hierarchy for themselves and during that process, they can’t pay attention to you! It is a good idea to create an outline or a flow chart with different modules and sub-modules of what you are going to present. Keep referring to this framework as you move on through the lecture.

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3 Things That Are Hurting Your Productivity…

booksThere are certain things in our life which hurt our productivity. These things are not common sense and are mostly counter intuitive. In fact some of the methods I describe here can be mistaken for laziness by the society!

1. Not Having Enough Sleep: If you do not get enough sleep, you can work longer hours but you will be cutting the tree with a blunt axe. The basic way to determine if you are sleep deprived is: can you wake up without the help of an alarm clock? If you need an alarm clock to wake up, you are sleep deprived. Also having a small nap ranging from 15-30 minutes in the middle of the day after meals helps a lot in being productive. Sleep helps in re-organizing thoughts and memories and makes it easier for recall later.

2. Multitasking: The human brain is not designed to do multitasking. We can get a lot more things done when we focus on one thing for hours together. But today’s offices expect us to be always available in skype, phone and for meetings. Collaborative atmosphere is good but not if it makes easier for others to disturb you. It is NOT OK to have a phone call while typing an email. Unless you are the CEO or a self employed businessman or professional, it will difficult to set a time for interruptions. Experts recommend scheduling time for getting interrupted. Example, phone calls and emails should be handled from 10-11am in the morning and 5-6 pm in the evening.

3. Not Having Enough Exercise: 5 hours of rigorous physical exertion per week is mandatory for the body and brain to perform in its peak. Our body was made to move and we are not helping our body by sitting in a chair and staring at a screen all day long. Research also suggests that a stand up table can help a lot in concentration because the sitting posture is not good for blood flow to the brain.

The above three points are just the top 3 reasons I have in mind. Of course there are a lot more than that which governs our productivity. You should read the book The Power of Full Engagement which will help you be more productive in life and work.

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