What if I told you that Display Ads are Spam!

no-spamDisplay ads are spam. So are TV ads, Newspaper ads, Bill boards and radio ads. Wikipedia defines Spam as “Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising, indiscriminately.”

Unsolicited bulk messages are easy to send via email and there are very little costs associated with it. That’s why the word spam is associated with email more than anything else. Spam mail filters have come a long way and there is also a law which has been created around email spam – the CAN SPAM Act 2003.

As a human being on this earth I am in need of various products and services. Whenever I needed some service, say for example an electrician or plumber, I would pick up the Yellow pages and look for it. Search engines, which are just an evolution of the yellow pages makes the job much easier and quicker for both the buyer and seller.

Sometimes I may never know that I need something. For example, before I bought my iPad I never know I needed it so much. You may ask – how would I know about it from a yellow pages? That’s why I subscribe to interesting technology publications which bring me news about interesting products.

If I am getting a message communicated to me which I have not asked for, it is spam. And I don’t need it. I can live without a single piece of advertising in my life. So can you.

We may never have laws which ban door to door sales, bill boards, tv ads and all the other messages not asked for. But it will soon become extinct. As technology improves it becomes easier to turn off ads that interrupt us. Advertisers will have no option but to reach us through inbound marketing, or by being remarkable enough that people talk about it anyway and spread the word.

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