Doing What You Love – Isn’t it a little Over-rated?

Do what you love and the money will come. This is the phrase that has been repeated several times and for certain reasons I feel that it is over-rated. It is said that 70% of Americans hate their job. I believe it should be similar in other developed and developing countries as well. To understand this, we need to understand basic economics.

Imagine a tribe in an island. If the people there have to survive, each one has to do a task. Some can catch food, some can cultivate crops, some can build huts and so on. I don’t see any really exciting job opportunities here. On some level every human has to endure hard labor and it is essential for the survival of the tribe.

Now, since we live in a global village of 6 billion+ people, it doesn’t mean the laws of economics has changed. Every human has to labor on something and contribute to the society to get other things he needs. This is division of labor.

If I do something that contributes something of value to the world, If I believe it makes the world a better place – I am more than happy to do that work even if the process of the work doesn’t make me love it or simply be happy about it. Even if it means stretching myself a little bit – I would do it as long as I have a fair give and take condition available.

Do you still think that you have to love your job? Isn’t it a utopian state to fall in love with the work you do? May be the best you can do is fall in love with what you believe in and what you stand for.


  1. Yes, doing what you love may not always be possible; for many, its a luxury. Thats why, start loving what you do (its difficult, but do you have an option?)

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