What is The Most Secure Way to Earn a Living?

Today’s job market is a wake up call to everybody who is working as an employee in any company. If you have experienced the corporate world, you will know that no job is secure in the world. Even if you have never been fired from any job before, you would have seen hardworking, well-intentioned people being asked to leave abruptly.


So that brings us to the question – what is the most secure way to earn a living?

To make money – you need to sell something. Sell. Something.

Most of the people think that they have nothing to do with sales because they are employees and not businessmen. But, every employee sells. They sell their skills, time, productivity, ideas and themselves. Personal branding is very important as a human being – it helps one to earn a living. Being employed or being a businessman is not so different when you look at it from the perspective of contributing something to the world.

Now imagine yourself in an island all alone. You would have to do all the work yourself to survive. You would need to catch fish, build a hut, store water, make a container for water, make the tools and so on. Now imagine that there are 100 people on this island. All are your family and extended family. You are now a part of a tribe. Now each one can focus on one activity and hence each person is more productive. If there is one fisherman, he can capture a lot of fish because with experience he improves his efficiency. He will probably catch more fish than the entire tribe needs. Another tribe member can be a hut builder and since he does it for a “living” he can build better and better huts over time. This is the basic principle of division of labor which makes everyone more prosperous than they would be if everyone were in separate islands. Humans are social beings and being social increases the wealth of everyone.

The above short imagination helps us understand that we need to provide something of value that is needed/wanted by other people to “fit in” into the society and with the “money” we get in return we can buy all the other needs made by other people.

As long as our contribution is needed by others and we contribute something of value – we have a chance to earn a living. It’s just a mutual exchange mechanism.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or a businessmen. As long as you specialize in something specific and make sure that there is no one else better than you in doing it, you will find a good place in the society and will get rewarded for your contribution. If you are just another person and your skills are not needed in the world, you are in risk. That’s how a lot of people get laid off by their bosses because they have nothing unique to contribute and they become dispensable.

You need to be indispensable. You need to be a Linchpin in the economy. Combine personal branding with a unique skill – you are marketing what you have to offer. Even as an employee, if you brand yourself as being an expert in a certain topic, you will always have more job offers than you need.

I have been developing expertise in the digital marketing field and I brand myself using digital marketing. I am confident that I will always have job offers when I need one. Some of my business projects create value for businesses and individuals and I leverage my expertise with other people to create even more value for the world. The more value I make, the more contribution I do to the world, the more I get rewarded. What do you or your business stand for? What do you contribute?

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