3 Proven Rules to Keep the Attention of Your Audience During a Lecture


Most of us have had the experience of dozing of during a college lecture or a business presentation. In spite of knowing that such long lectures will put people to sleep, we give the same kind of lectures. But we expect our audience to listen … [Continue reading]

How to find out if a deal will go bad in future?


It has been 5 years since I have been doing business and dealing with various kinds of people from govt. employees to business tycoons to downright cheats. Every time I get my finger burnt, I just think about how can I avoid such things in the … [Continue reading]

3 Things That Are Hurting Your Productivity…


There are certain things in our life which hurt our productivity. These things are not common sense and are mostly counter intuitive. In fact some of the methods I describe here can be mistaken for laziness by the society! 1. Not Having Enough … [Continue reading]

What if I told you that Display Ads are Spam!


Display ads are spam. So are TV ads, Newspaper ads, Bill boards and radio ads. Wikipedia defines Spam as "Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising, indiscriminately." Unsolicited … [Continue reading]

PayPal Increases Transaction Fees in India to 4.4%!


PayPal has been finding very difficult to do business in India with the intervention of RBI with various regulations. After a lot of confusion and uncertainty the waters finally calmed down and Indian PayPal users were able to receive $10,000 USD in … [Continue reading]

What People Want and Why They Buy a Product?


People will never buy what they don't need or want. Sometimes they will not know what they need or want. But when presented with a product/service they will then feel the need and buy. We also have to remember that people do not buy products or … [Continue reading]

Every Entrepreneur should Learn Economics


Economics plays a role in every business enterprise. Sometimes the role of economics in the day to day activities of business is not so obvious and would look like a topic that is best left ignored. I have recently started learning economics and I am … [Continue reading]

Deepak Kanakaraju is now Inbound Marketing Certified!


Yours Truly is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional now!┬áHubSpot.com is a company which specializes in Inbound marketing and they run the HubSpot academy where you can learn the basics of Inbound marketing. Once you are done with the course, … [Continue reading]

What is the very purpose of conducting BUSINESS?


Business should never be just a means of making money for the entrepreneur and/or shareholders. The purpose of conducting business in the market place is to create a platform where every one involved in the business can do a meaningful contribution … [Continue reading]