What People Want and Why They Buy a Product?

workPeople will never buy what they don’t need or want. Sometimes they will not know what they need or want. But when presented with a product/service they will then feel the need and buy. We also have to remember that people do not buy products or service – they buy solutions. The products and services are just a channel to solve their problems. In fact, from a deeper perspective, the product is the “hurdle” that they have to cross to reach their destination. That hurdle is usually crossed buy buying the product.

For example, if you need a hole in the wall you will buy any product that puts a hole in the wall. If a hardware guy can put a hole in the wall for $1 per hole, you will pay for his services. If you want to make a lot of holes and don’t want to wait for any service provider – then you can buy a drilling machine and put as many holes as you want. You will rather buy a spanner if the “spanner” can put a hole in the wall. You don’t want the “drilling machine”, you need the hole. The drilling machine is the obstacle/hurdle you need to cross to reach your solution.

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